insight in a week, impact in a month

that's the SEO Quadrant

The SEO Quadrant brings certainty to SEO strategy. It's how our experts work with you to clarify where to focus immediately, how to generate outcomes quickly, and what's necessary for long-term organic success.

There are four areas of focus, and a prioritized opportunity inventory bolsters each so you know what to do next for the greatest impact.

  • Quick Wins Review—Insight into what's working and what's not, delivered in a week.
  • Technical SEO Assessment—Clarity into how Google's crawlers see your site so you can improve rankings.
  • Content + Keyword Audit—Distinct opportunities to increase traffic by making your content work harder.
  • Competitor Analysis—The edge you need to out-rank your competition and capture market share.
Fathom_SEO Quadrant

tailored to your unique circumstances

Every website is different, so no two SEO Quadrant™ projects are exactly alike. Engagements typically fall into one of three categories. To understand which is best-fit for you, consider the size of your website, the frequency with which you publish content, and the magnitude of consumer demand.

tier 1: starter

For small, but mighty teams. You might wear many hats, but you never settle.

  • Website size: 100-500 URLs
  • Content themes: 1-3 keyword groups
  • Publishing: Monthly content
  • Geographies: 1 location
  • Competitors: 3 sites

$9,500 average engagement

Our clients like this include:

SEO_ Tier 1


tier 2: advanced

For content-focused marketers. You're publishing content regularly, and you expect stronger outcomes.

  • Website size: 500-1,000 URLs
  • Content themes: 3-5 keyword groups
  • Publishing: Weekly content
  • Geographies: 1-5 locations
  • Competitors: 3 sites

$18,500 average engagement

Our clients like this include:

SEO_ Tier 2


tier 3: enterprise

For enterprise marketers. You're supporting digital content for a complex organization.

  • Website size: 1,000+ URLs
  • Content themes: 5+ keyword groups
  • Publishing: Daily content
  • Geographies: 5+ locations
  • Competitors: 5 sites

$39,500 average engagement

Our clients like this include:

SEO_ Tier 3


supported by a dedicated team of SEO experts

Rob, Colin, and Larry boast over 40 years of experience helping brands like yours understand and grow their organic search presence. They have an uncanny ability to simplify a technical challenge to illustrate the marketing opportunity. Every SEO Quadrant™ project is supported by at least one of this team, and this team has access to all of Fathom's experts if and when the marketing challenges we need to tackle extend beyond the organic search space.


rob hosler

Director, SEO

colin hoffman

Manager, SEO

larry engel

Senior Strategist, SEO

outcomes we're achieving with clients like you

case study_ YMCA
case study_ Freightwaves
case study_ UCLA

In pursuit of its primary goal to generate membership through its website, the YMCA of Greater Cleveland faces fierce competition in the digital space. 

To support their growth efforts, we:

  1. Made immediate improvements informed by Quick Wins and Technical Audits
  2. Captured market share following Keyword and Competitor Analyses
  3. Ensured future success by updating the measurement and tracking framework
LP_ YMCA stats-1

We support two aspects of FreightWaves’ business: their publishing site and their intelligence platform SONAR.

To drive results for each property without cannibalizing opportunity, we:

  1. Conducted Quick Wins and Technical Audits to inform foundational improvements for both properties
  2. Implemented full-page content recommendations for
  3. Provided training for journalists
  4. Created and implemented a keyword and content strategy for SONAR targeting potential customers
As a result, we achieved:  26% organic pageview increase on 324% growth in keywords ranked on page 1

A site migration can negatively impact visibility and organic performance without a solid SEO foundation. To increase visibility and market share, UCLA Health needed to execute a foundational SEO approach across a breadth of websites and stakeholders.

To help the UCLA Health team prepare, we:

  1. Performed a content audit 
  2. Provided technical support
  3. Optimized on-page content 
 As a result of the approach, we achieved:  +50% search impressions +26% sessions +42% pages visited per session



We'd love to share a sample of our work tailored to your website.